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How Aeklys works
How the application works
Uses & services


My first use
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Frequently asked questions

What is the payment limit per transaction?

European legislation should allow this payment limit to be increased.

However, France is lagging behind these directives.

We must therefore wait for French regulations to evolve and align themselves with European directives.

Does Aeklys have a lifespan?

Aeklys products have a lifespan of 4 years, which is mainly limited by the embedded payment method.

Does Aeklys need a phone next to it to work or is it completely self-contained once configured?

All Aeklys products work completely disconnected from the smartphone.

Whether it is far away, without battery or even at home; your Aeklys will still work.

After 5 payments in a row, will my Aeklys be blocked like my banking card?

Aeklys products are completely contactless, and are not subject to the limits of banking cards for the number of contactless transactions.

You can therefore pay with your Aeklys as many times as you want, as long as your Aeklys account has sufficient funds.

Why is the payment limit not the same as Apple Pay?

Aeklys by Starck does not integrate strong authentication. This prevents it from paying more than 50€ in France and in England.

In all other countries of the world, you can nevertheless pay without limit (with the PIN code), within the limit of the funds available on your Aeklys bank account.

What is my PIN code for, does it change?

Aeklys can pay without limit in all the countries of the world (except France and England) equipped with contactless payment terminals.

The PIN code will be requested when the payments exceed a certain amount.

Which smartphones is it compatible with?

You need a certain version of the Android® or iOS® operating system to install and run the Aeklys app®.


- iOS® 13 and later

- Android® 6 and later

Aeklys must be run from a smartphone and not from a computer.

Is the application necessary?

The Aeklys smartphone application is required to activate your Aeklys, to access your usage archives, to the different services and to block/reactivate your Aeklys.

Why do I have to send my identity documents and proof of address?

For anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing purposes, at the time of activation of your Aeklys, and under the control of the regulatory authorities, we check your identity and your address.

Why is the Aeklys bank account in Germany?

The banking scheme used by Aeklys products is not standard. No French bank was able to help us with this deployment.

We therefore chose a bank (German) which, moreover, guaranteed free use for our customers.

How do I unlock my computer?

Once the service is unlocked, you will access the download interface of a Windows/MacOS/Linux module that allows you to unlock your computer with your Aeklys by Starck.

Although more and more portable devices are equipped with NFC, if your computer is not equipped with NFC you will have to connect an NFC reader in order to present your Aeklys by Starck and to open the session

How do I share my Business Card?

To share it, you just have to pass your Aeklys by Starck (Wave Control® pressed) behind a smartphone.

Thanks to the NFC technology your business card appears and the person can even add you to his contacts!

Does the Business Card work on all phones?

A lot of smartphones have NFC, but not all.

iPhones released from 2018 onwards (XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max and later to come) as well as smartphones with Android 8 or later can read the Aeklys by Starck business card.

Can I have the starter system added to my car?

The system is currently being tested and is not (yet) available to the general public.

Can I take any public transport with my Aeklys by Starck?

In order to use the most universal protocol possible, we have made sure that Aeklys by Starck works in "Open Payment".

In Europe, many cities (and their surroundings) are equipped with this device.

What is 'concierge' functionality and who will manage this service?

A private concierge is available via the app, to carry out all the wishes of users 7/7 from 9am to 10pm.

After sending your request, your concierge will offer you a quote.

What are the conditions of use of Aeklys?

To activate your Aeklys you must be of legal age according to the laws of your country of residence; you must also be a resident of a country of the European Economic and Monetary Union or of the United Kingdom.

Which finger does Aeklys wear?

Aeklys products are ideally worn on the index finger (the thumb rests on the sensor).

How do I maintain my ring?

Aeklys by Starck does not require any particular maintenance.

You can even wear it when washing and disinfecting your hands.

Which way should I put it?

The antenna of Aeklys is located in the black part.

It is therefore recommended to point the black (flat) part downwards, so that the antenna can be easily presented in front of the player.

What is my Aeklys bank account?

Your Aeklys embeds a bank account that you set up when you activate your ring and to which you can transfer funds.

Aeklys products are bank-certified and pay on all contactless payment terminals in the world, free of charge.

How does Aeklys work?

Aeklys works like a contactless bank card.

It must be placed on the antenna of the reader (payment terminal, access control etc.) and the Wave Control sensor® must be kept pressed. This is how the interaction takes place.

The Aeklys antenna is located in the black (flat) part, which must always be directed towards the reader in order to make the best use of the Aeklys power.

Does Aeklys need to be powered?

Aeklys by Starck is powered by electromagnetic induction.

When it approaches an electromagnetic field generated by a reader (e.g. a payment reader), the field will generate a current in the Aeklys by Starck antenna which will power its components.

Aeklys by Starck therefore never needs to be recharged and operates completely autonomously.

Does Aeklys use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communications?

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies require a battery or a connection in order to function properly.

Being totally autonomous in energy, those technologies are not compatible with Aeklys.

Why do we have to press the button? What exactly is going on?

It enables the Anti-Fraud system to be activated.

By holding down (for the duration of the interaction) the sensor on the side of Aeklys, the user will control the moments when the Aeklys rings can interact with their environment.

The risk of data fraud is therefore eliminated.

This is called the WAVE CONTROL® (Wave emission control system).

What is NFC technology?

NFC (Near Field Contact) technology is a short distance data exchange language.

It is the standard technology for contactless payments and the one used by Aeklys, which allows a limit of emission to 4cm.

I am not yet 18 years old, can I use Aeklys?

The use of the payment part of Aeklys requires to be at least 18 years old.

Aeklys One is therefore impossible to use for someone who is not of age.

Is the ring secure? Does it respect my privacy?

All Aeklys products are certified EAL 6+ by the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI). This is a military security level.

All ICARE Technologie products and services have been developed and marketed in strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Level 2 Payments Directive (PSD).

Where is my personal data stored?

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Payment Directive (PSD) level 2, the personal data of Aeklys users are anonymised and stored in Europe on secure servers.

Can I lend my Aeklys?

Your Aeklys is personal and must not be lent.

It engages the total responsibility of its holder.

What if I lose my Aeklys?

If you lose your Aeklys you can deactivate the payment service (or all the services) instantly, free of charge and without limit from the application.

And this so that nobody can use it, if however you find it; you can reactivate it with a simple click!

You can also declare it "lost or stolen" on the Aeklys application. This will have the effect of blocking it permanently.

If I go abroad, will my Aeklys work? Do I have to make a declaration to my bank?

Your Aeklys works on all payment terminals in all countries of the world equipped with contactless technology.

It is not necessary to inform your bank to use your Aeklys in a foreign country.

On the application my purchases and the place of the transaction appear. Can you see them?

Users' bank records are strictly personal and may not be accessed by ICARE Technologies or its service providers under any circumstances.

How thick is the Aeklys? Is it uncomfortable on the side of the fingers?

All Aeklys are not symmetrical, the side between the index and middle finger is about 1.8 mm thick and the side with the Wave Control sensor® is about 3 mm thick, precisely so as not to hinder the use.

This particular shape allows it to perfectly fit the shape of the finger, for a maximum ergonomics

Are there any other colours?

Aeklys by Starck is a black and white only model available in 8 different sizes.

Aeklys One is a black only model available in 8 different sizes.

Where are the stress tests performed?

The research and development program and the material tests were carried out at the ELITT Laboratory and the French National Laboratory for Metrology and Testing.

Why Made in France on the packaging? Are all the components really made in France?

The entire manufacturing and design of Aeklys by Starck and Aeklys One is carried out in France:
- its design was carried out in Ajaccio,
- its design was imagined in Paris,
- its electronic circuit is manufactured in Normandy,
- its industrial production is carried out in Savoie.

Can the ring be a vector for the spread of a virus?

The surface of Aeklys by Starck and Aeklys One has been treated with a hypoallergenic anti-virus and anti-bacterial coating in accordance with ISO 21702: 2019 and ISO 22196 - JIS 280 2010, which guarantees the destruction of viruses, bacteria and fungi for 1 year.

Are the ring's waves harmful to my health?

The waves of your Aeklys are not harmful to your health. Aeklys only communicates with its environment when the Wave Control sensor® is activated, to validate an operation (payment, business card, access control etc.).

By way of comparison, the waves emitted when the Wave Control® sensor is activated are 20,000 times less powerful than those continuously emitted by the relay antenna of your smartphone (between 1 and 2 mW compared to 25,000 and 35,000 mW for mobiles).

Is it possible to have irritations or allergies when wearing the ring?

The coating in contact with the skin complies with the ISO DERMATEST standard®.

Can I wash my hands with my ring?

Aeklys products are IP57 certified.

They are therefore waterproof and dustproof.

Can I use a hydroalcoholic gel without damaging my Aeklys?

Aeklys does not fear the use of hydroalcoholic gel.

You can therefore disinfect your hands all day long without fear.

How do I choose my size?

The Aeklys by Starck sizes are special (due to the particular shape of the ring) and it is advisable to use our app to measure the exact size of the finger.

The Finger Sizer app, available on the Apple and Android stores, will help you.

I am between 2 sizes, do you advise me to take smaller or bigger?

The diameter of the finger changes slightly depending on the time of day and the outside temperature.

It is therefore advisable to take the larger size, in order to avoid an unpleasant sensation when wearing Aeklys by Starck.

My ring is too small or too big for me. What should I do?

In this case, it is advisable via the form of returns to make the request.

The return will be accepted only if your Aeklys has not been used and has not been activated.

Returns are free for Aeklys by Starck and at the customer's expense for Aeklys One.

My order is late in arriving

The rings are shipped via Colissimo. Upon shipment, you will receive a tracking number by email.

This number will indicate the status of your order.

Refund procedure

Upon receipt of your return, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

Your refund will be made within 15 days of receipt of your Aeklys and automatically on the account associated with the credit card used for payment.

In the case of an exchange (larger or smaller size on the same product) upon receipt and review by our Customer Service.

The shipment of your new Aeklys is triggered.

How long does it take for my transfer to arrive on my ring?

During a top-up your transfer arrives in the Circle Bank (Germany) to be used on your Aeklys.

Depending on the country and the bank of origin, the delays can vary. On average the first transfer arrives 2 to 3 days later and the delays are shorter for the following ones.

Don't hesitate to contact your bank (which is responsible for the delays) in order to accelerate the procedure of recharging your Aeklys.

The instant reload by credit card is being integrated and will be available soon.

Why are Aeklys rings not round?

The Aeklys rings have an ergonomic shape imagined by Philippe Starck.

This shape does not turn around your finger and is therefore always perfectly oriented. It also allows a pleasant wearing while limiting the effects of perspiration.

Is it light?

In order not to disturb the daily life, the Aeklys rings are extremely light (only 5 grams).

Can it be worn on another finger?

It is recommended to wear your Aeklys on your index finger because it is necessary, in order to validate the transactions, to press the Wave Control©(patented security) with your thumb. Of course, this action is difficult to perform with another finger.

Is Aeklys recyclable?

Aeklys is made from quality plastic polymers (containing an average of 5% recycled plastics).

At the end of your ring's life, it is recommended that you entrust your Aeklys ring to ICARE Technologies who will take care of its recycling.

We are also working on the integration of more ecological, recycled or organic plastics to limit the environmental impact of its production.

Is Aeklys eco-designed?

Aware of the need to find a balanced relationship between economy, ecology and social responsibility more quickly, our company is committed to making its technical, commercial and economic choices with the aim of satisfying the sustainable development of our planet.

The whole company is mobilized in order to find in our developments of Aeklys rings all the solutions, from the easiest to the most difficult, contributing to the protection of our environment.

Are there any models reserved for women?

All our Aeklys models are unisex and therefore suitable for everyone.

Is it mandatory to use your Finger Sizer application?

Finger Sizer allows you to measure precisely your finger size. It is important to use it because the Aeklys sizes are not standard (ergonomic shape of the rings).

After each order, we guide you to measure and give your finger size.

Are there any fees abroad?

If you use your Aeklys in a currency other than the currency of your Aeklys account, this transaction will be converted on the day we receive the details.

We will use Mastercard certified rates® no additional exchange fees will be charged.