Services available with


Aeklys One
payment ring

Aeklys One, opens the doors to the Aeklys Xperience.

- Contactless payment without fees

- Wave Control security system®

Services available with


aeklys by starck
smart ring

Aeklys by Starck offers you the whole Aeklys Xperience.

- Contactless payment without fees

- Wave Control security system®
- Public transport
- Digital business card
- Electronic lock
- Computer unlocking
- Private concierge

Contactless payment

Aeklys by Starck embeds a payment method.

- Free service and no fees
- Secure personal account
- Works anywhere in the world
- Geolocation of payments
- Real time notifications
- Payment history
- Instant activation/deactivation

Paiements internationaux

Le moyen de paiement de les produits Aeklys est sans frais à l'international.

Les frontières financières appartiennent désormais au passé.

Avec Aeklys vous pouvez dépenser à l’étranger dans plus de 150 devises au taux de change interbancaire de Mastercard® et sans aucun frais supplémentaire.

Public transport

Aeklys by Starck embeds a universal transport ticket.

- Free service (excluding the cost of purchasing the ticket)
- Ticket payment
- Ticket storage
- Ticket validation
- Billing

Available in France: Aix-en-Provence, Brest, Amiens, Lens, Dijon, Chartres, Dreux, Nevers, Montargis, Châlons-en-Champagne, Vesoul, Labège, Muret, Pechbonnieu, Béthune, Hénin-Beaumont... And many others.

Available in the world : London, Milan, Brussels, Rome, Lisbon, New York, Miami, Moscow, Cape Town, Sydney, Minsk, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Valparaiso, Shanghai, Beijing, Bogota, Edinburgh, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Portland, Houston, Mexico City, Oslo, Bucharest, Saint Petersburg, Sochi... And many others.

Electronic lock

Aeklys by Starck embeds the key to your locks.

- Free service (excluding the cost of purchasing the lock)
- Dedicated application
- Compatible with all European locks
- Countable multipoint locks
- Secure & reliable
- Compatible with all insurances

ICARE Technologies has partnered with the French company Elocky, a specialist in reliable, secure electronic locks with a high level of autonomy.

Only for Aeklys by Starck customers, the eVy 2 - Elocky lock is 199€ (instead of 329€). Offer limited to three locks by Aeklys by Starck.

digital business card

Aeklys by Starck embeds your contact sheet.

- Free service
- Works without an application
- Works on all smartphones equipped with NFC
- Personal/professional

Shareable information:
Name, first name, profession, phone number, email, address, website, social networks and profile picture

Unlocking your computer

Aeklys by Starck embeds the unlocking password of your computer.

- Free service
- Digitalization of the password
- High level of encryption (AES256 bits)
- Great compatibility (MAC/Windows/Linux)
- Works with NFC equipped computers (possibility to add an NFC reader for non equipped computers).

Private concierge

Your Aeklys includes a dedicated personal concierge.

- Paying service (4,90€/month with a one year subscription)
- No additional fees
- High quality service
- Intervenes anywhere in the world
- Available from 9am to 10pm 7 days a week

Available soon

Services currently being tested
- Verisure badge®
- Car unlocking/starting
- Gym access badge
- Fuel badge

Services under study
- Loyalty cards
- Alarm badge
- Fuel badge
- Parking badge
- Vigik badge®
- Building entrance badge
- Tickets and boarding passes