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«The possibilities of the ring are endless»

«Iconic designer Philippe Starck has created a smart ring»

«This product is a small revolution»

«The ring concentrates a multitude of services»

«Aeklys by Starck Payment Ring is a touchless payment alternative»

«Aeklys is a ring that will follow us and simplify our lives»

«An unusual ring»

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Oct 21, 2020 by Giorgio Arturi - Robb Report Mexico

Los wearables son uno de los segmentos más interesantes del mercado de la tecnología de consumo que ha surgido en los últimos años y ahora, la compañía francesa Icare Technologies se ha asociado con el famoso diseñador Phillipe Starck para traer al mercado su anillo de pago Aeklys by Starck.

Aunque no es el primer anillo inteligente del que hemos hablado, también está el que usan los jugadores de la NBA, este dispositivo parece estar dotado de buenas opciones, y tener el nombre de Phillipe Starck adjunto ciertamente garantiza algo con mejor diseño y prestaciones.

Un punto clave, es que el anillo Aeklys by Starck ocupa el segmento que ningún otro: no requiere carga y funciona como una tarjeta de crédito, te explicamos por qué.

No power required

The plug is made of an attractive combination of plastics to help maintain maximum connectivity. Uses 256-bit AES encryption and an NFC chip to communicate with a reader; the reading distance for transmission is up to 4 cm.

Requires a smart phone and a complementary application to configure it and works with iPhone 6 and later, as well as with Android smart phones.

Once the payment methods, transport steps and even digital presentation cards are configured, users simply press the button to activate it and send it to a reader.

Actualmente, el anillo de pago Aeklys by Starck solo está disponible en Francia y se vende por el equivalente a 290 dólares y si bien aún no se sabe cuándo podría estar disponible en otros mercados, deslumbra por su concepto.

Sobre el anillo Aeklys, el reconocido diseñador francés Philippe Starck cree que "hoy, más que nunca, la elegancia de la evolución humana debe seguir el camino de la desmaterialización. Esto significa que necesitamos menos accesorios, menos productos, más inteligencia y más potencia.

"Aeklys by Starck encarna esta idea al reemplazar sus tarjetas de pago, boletos de transporte, tarjetas personales y dispositivos de identificación sin contacto y en una sola pieza de tecnología portátil: un anillo.

"The possibilities of the anillo are infinite, the only limit is our imagination", concludes the product's website.

Available services

- Bank transfer
- Public transport
- Digital card
- Identification by computer
- Private storage service

The Aeklys portal is automatically updated remotely with the new services implemented, so the application will inform us of the new functions and we can subscribe to them.

Dentro de los servicios que la compañía planea incorporar al dispositivo se encuentra la posibilidad de digitalizar boletos y tarjetas de embarque, como así accesos a edificios y la gestion de vehículos, ya sea encender o abrir puertas.

Philippe Starck designs NFC payments ring

Oct 13, 2020 by Tom Philips - NFC World

Iconic designer Philippe Starck has created a smart ring that can be used to store payment cards and transport passes, make contactless payments, and transfer business and ID information.

The Aeklys by Starck ring operates without needing to be connected to a smartphone or network and does not require charging as it works without a battery. 

The €249 (US$293.62) ring uses security architecture developed by NXP and incorporates an instant deactivation system to guard against theft, as well as anti-fraud and data encryption technology.

It is produced by Icare Technologies, which says that it is testing additional services such as vehicle and building access, loyalty programmes, parking payments and home automation. It adds that the ring will be automatically updated as new services become available.

Aeklys by Starck Payment Ring is a touchless payment alternative

Wearables are one of the more interesting segments of the consumer technology market to emerge over the past several years. We’ve entered an era where headphones can be used to access digital assistants (adding a layer of augmented reality to our everyday experiences), VR headsets are becoming increasingly popular, and smartwatches are now mainstream. Apple is even tipped to bring AR-based smart glasses to the market in the near future. 

Now French company ICARE Technologies has partnered with famed designer Phillipe Starck to bring to market its Aeklys by Starck Payment Ring. Although not the first smart ring we’ve seen, this device looks like it may have got it right -- and having Phillipe Starck’s name attached to the product certainly doesn’t hurt. One key area that the Aeklys by Starck ring hits the mark is that it doesn’t require charging as it works just like a credit card. This is one potential usability hurdle out of the way right up front.

The ring is made from an attractive combination of ABS and TPU plastics to help maintain maximum connectivity. It uses AES 256-bit encryption and an NFC chip for communication to a reader -- transmission reading distance is between 0 to 4 cm. It requires a smartphone and companion app to set up and works with iPhone 6 and later iPhones as well as Android smartphones. Once payment methods, transport passes and even digital business cards are set up, wearers just press down on the ring to activate it and pass it in front of a reader.

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